Rules of the Second Life of a Book

§ 1

The following rules specify the conditions governing the Second Life of a Book, a campaign based on a cashless exchange of books between the participants.

§ 2

The event is organised by the Krakow Festival Office, and the initiative works in partnership with other entities. The cooperation is designed to facilitate the organisation of events and their appropriate marketing.

§ 3

The following are the basic rules of the Second Life of a Book campaign:

1)      The events of the Second Life of a Book campaign consist only of an EXCHANGE of books. Any cash transactions are strictly forbidden.

2)      The maximum number of books swapped is subject to a limit of 10 copies. Books published before 1995 can only be exchanged for other books published before 1995; books published after 1995 can be exchanged for any other book available at the swap.

3)      Books that will not be accepted for exchange must be placed on deposit. The Organisers are not responsible for any copies left.

4)      Books which fail to find a new home will be stored for another book swap within the Second Life of a Book campaign or will be hand over to needy libraries or other institutions.

5)      All participants are requested to bring only undamaged books.

6)      School and university textbooks, guidebooks, manuals, atlases and similar publications should not be brought – our focus is on fiction.

7)      Every participant agrees that their photographs may be placed (and tagged) on the Facebook pages of the Second Life of a Book and Krakow Festival Office, on the websites:, and in press notices.

8)      Only Participants who come with books will be admitted to the Second Life of a Book event. Participation in the event without making a contribution is not accepted.

9)      This is a strictly one-to-one exchange. At the outset, we count the books; every Participant receives a sticker with the number of books he/she brings along (published before and after 1995). At the exit, we compare the number of books the Participant takes away with that on the sticker. In the case of special swaps, coupons are issued according to the number of books brought, and each such coupon must be returned to the Organisers at the time of collecting a book brought by another Participant of the swap.

§ 4

Matters not regulated by these rules and regulations will be decided by the Organiser.