Rules of the Second Life of a Book

§ 1

The Regulations lay down the terms of The Second Life of a Book meetings consisting of book swapping between meeting participants free of charge.

§ 2

The event is organised by the Krakow Festival Office. The initiative is operated in partnership with other organisations. The cooperation is undertaken to ensure smooth organisation of the events and adequate marketing of the events.

§ 3

The basic principles of The Second Life of a Book events are as follows:

1. The event is devoted exclusively to BOOK SWAPPING. Any cash transactions are unacceptable. The books cannot be swapped with the intention to resell them later.

2. Only those Participants who bring their books for swapping are admitted to the Second Life of a Book. Coming to the event without your own contribution shall not be accepted.

3. It is a 1:1 swap; first we count the books – each participant receives stickers with the number of books he/she has brought (published before and after 1995). At exit we check the number of books taken with the number of the books on stickers. In the case of special events we issue coupons in accordance with the number of books that should be returned to the Organiser 1:1 when taking a book that was brought by another Participant.

4. Amaximum limit of books swapped is 10. Books published before 1995 can be swapped for other books also published before 1995; the books published after 1995 can be swapped for any other books available for swapping.

5.Please bring only the books which are not worn. The organisers do not accept schoolbooks and academic manuals, brochures, newspaper supplements, how-to books, atlases, etc. – the focus is fiction. The final decision whether to accept the book for swapping or not is up to the stand service.

6. Except for special foreign-language events, only Polish-language books are accepted at the Second Life of a Book.

7. The books that have not been swapped will be kept for the next edition of the Second Life of a Book or transferred to libraries or other institutions in need.

8. Every participants agrees for his/her photos to be displayed on Bookeriada and the Krakow Festival Office on Facebook (and for tagging), on the following websites:,, and in press releases.

§ 4

The Organiser shall decide on any matters not covered by these Regulations.